Buying your first property is an exciting time and Bess Perfect Property Agency will help guide you through the process offering advice on the Brunei property market. So whether you are buying for your own home or as an investment we can help explain all the steps involved.


Choosing the right property for your needs is the most important part of the buying process. At Bess Perfect Property Agency we can help recommend the property best suited for you based on your requirements, location and budget. We will also draw up a list of alternative properties based on the same details.


Once you have decided on the property that is right for you Bess Perfect Property Agency will advise you on its potential investment value in terms of current market value and location. Therefore helping you make an informed offer.


Once your offer has been accepted by the vendor you will be required to pay a deposit of between B$5,000.00 & B$10,000.00. Should you require a bank loan to purchase the property Bess Perfect Property Agency can assist you with the bank loan application. If your application is unsuccessful your deposit will be refunded by the vendor.

Purchase Agreement

Once your bank loan has been approved, or if you are a cash buyer, Bess Perfect Property Agency will refer you and the vendor to a le gal firm so that they can draw up a Sales & Purchase Agreement. Both parties will provide the necessary documents required by the legal firm. The Sales & Purchase Agreement will also include the payment schedule and the expected completion date.

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